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Publication: Green Agenda Explained

The wrap up of our regional Balkans United for Clean Air campaign is all about taking a closer look to the importance of the implementation of the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans , as a prerequisite for securing the different aspects of successful dealing with the consequences of the climate change.

EDI thematic meeting “Green activism and eco protests: Changing the reality, challenging the usual political. Shaping common actions for the future”

The second regional thematic meeting in the frames of the Engaged Democracy Initiative (EDI) “Green activism and eco protests: Changing the

The Joint History Books with a new digital home – the homepage

The Joint History Books of 13 countries from Southeast Europe is a unique collection of historical sources jointly compiled between 1998 and 2016 by more than 100 historians and 300 teachers from Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Turkey.
31.03.2022 All News

The Western Balkans in Focus: Hopes, Setbacks, New Perspectives and the Effects of the Ukraine War on the Region

On the initiative of the Mr. Harald Dossi, Secretary General of the Austrian Parliament, a panel discussion was organised in partnership with the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group.

In the Western Balkans we live in a poisonous cloud

Emissions of pollutants from large power plants in most Western Balkan countries exceed the prescribed limit values, and coal‐fired power plants, according to the latest data, emit more sulfur dioxide than all such plants in the EU combined.

Exploring mutual communication nexus between media and engaged citizens, Tirana, 21-23 March 2022

The first thematic meeting in the frames of our Engaged Democracy Initiative (EDI)“Engaged media: Exploring mutual communication nexus between media and engaged citizens“ was held in Tirana on March 21-23,2022.

Engaged Media: Exploring mutual communication nexus between media and engaged citizens

The first in-person regional meeting “Engaged Media: Exploring mutual communication nexus between media and engaged citizens’’ in

beeEFB Digest March 2022

In the March monthly DIGEST, we are bringing forward numerous opportunities for the members of our beeEFB Alumni Network. All these initiatives will
15.03.2022 All News

Vicinity Chronicles at

The new edition of the Vicinity Chronicles from across the Western Balkans will now be available at  The topic of the
14.03.2022 All News

Premiere of the film “The Graduates”, supported by the European Fund for the Balkans

“The Graduates”, a documentary by Dusan Gajic, which was produced with the support by the European Fund for the Balkans, will have its

Laying all cards about air quality on the table

Despite significant advancements that took place since the establishment of air quality monitoring stations and public information systems in the region's states, the quality and amount of data have yet to reach satisfactory levels, and the official results need to be much more publicly available and clear.

beeEFB Digest February

The new  beeEFB DIGEST was published on February 23rd, 2022, and it contains 5 important documents for the development of the beeEFB Alumni

Air Pollution and Covid19

Population exposed to polluted air is less resistant to COVID‐19, and air pollution can lead to aggravation of coronavirus symptoms, as shown by t

beeEFB Alumni Network Annual Event in Tirana, Albania

January 27-30, 2022 - This year's Annual Event in Tirana was an opportunity for creating new links, but also a reminder of the willingness and
01.02.2022 All News

EFB in support of the documentary "Long Road to Europe" by EWB

The documentary “Long Road to Europe” produced by the European Western Balkans and Panorama Films which had its premiere in November

Panel Discussion: Unleashing the potential for change through civic movements and initiatives, January 18th, 2022

The European Fund for the Balkans together with its Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group (BiEPAG) and Engaged Democracy Initiative (EDI)
26.01.2022 All News

What is polluted air doing to us in the Western Balkans?

Air pollution in the Western Balkans causes 30,000 premature deaths a year, the European Environment Agency estimates. Inhaling polluted air leads to increased mortality, shortened life expectancy and an increase in the number of chronic diseases, while the health costs paid by the citizens of the Western Balkans are rising. Reducing air pollution is a public health measure that would directly increase citizens’ quality of life and health, and indirectly reduce mortality rates.
13.01.2022 All News

Air Pollution causes higher infertility rates across the Balkans

Air pollution is among the causes of increased infertility and growing sterility rates in women and men across the Western Balkans. It particularly affects women living in polluted areas, since poor air quality may cause a reduced number of healthy egg cells and thus decrease fertility rates, also lowering in vitro fertilization success rates.

School of Local Activism in Jajce, 3 to 5 of December, 2021

The Center for Education and Socializing from Jajce organized the training program called “School of Local Activism” which was held at the Hotel “Tourist” in Jajce from 3 to 5 of December 2021. The aim of the seminar was to empower young people to be active members of the society, aware of their capacities and the possibilities of each individual's influence to become a driver of change in society and the environment in which they live.
02.12.2021 All News

No room for coal-fired thermal power plants and polluting industry in the Western Balkans anymore

Coal combustion is the biggest individual air pollution source in the Western Balkans, with thermal power plants leading the way. Companies that run them and the states in the region do not adhere to the laws on harmful gas emissions.

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