Improving regional cooperation among the civil society in the WB region based on solidarity and demand-driven dialogue and exchange of ideas, opinions and actions.

Within this field, we want to have a stronger focus on creating knowledge and joint understanding about the future of the region, as well as putting citizen demands at the forefront. A common understanding must be achieved between the different civil society actors - active citizens and civic initiatives, academia, civil society organizations - about the fact that the future of the region as a whole depends on the genuine reforms of all societies. 


Our key objectives

  • To reach a common understanding between civil society actors (local civic initiatives, academia, civil society organisations) about the future of the region by means of genuine dialogue and exchange of ideas and opinions.
  • To raise awareness about shared issues, challenges and successes, and secure an adequate joint response and solidarity to common obstacles within a broad network of partners.
  • To support initiatives and projects strengthening functional, cross-sectoral and inclusive regional partnering and exchange, aimed at offering solutions for the common regional challenges.