BeeEFB is announcing an open call for National Coordinators (NC) as part of the new Alumni Representatives (AR) concept. A National Coordinator (NC) is an EFB Alumni who builds and maintains beneficial relationships, facilitates communications, and coordinates activities among the alumni of its country. NC activities will be linked directly to the beeEFB Board.

Requirements for the national representative’s profile

  • Very good understanding of the EFB Network 

  • Previous engagement in at least two activities through the past three years 

  • Interest to identify connections among fellow Alumni and how the fellow Alumni interact  

  • Excellent social, organizational, and communication skills

Purpose of national representatives: 

  • Acting as contact points for his/her country's Alumni  

  • Facilitating cooperation among the host person of the national meet-up (for the organization of the event; appropriate reporting and budgetary requirements);

  • Collaborate with the EFB Alumni at the national level in order to increase their interest in the beeEFB Network

  • Collaborate with other national representatives of other network countries for possible cooperation among countries (e.g. regional meet-up)

  • Connect on a biweekly basis with the Board

  • Submit the reports to the Board and cooperate directly with the Board and EFB (unified reports with the tasks, duration, team, and comments section)

Incentive package - What beeEFB offers to National representatives?

  • Involvement in the capacity building activities

  • Potential speakers in beeEFB event and EFB events

  • Attendance at the Board in-person meetings, at least two times per year 

  • Paid participation fees and ensured participation in free beeEFB and EFB events

  • Provided special spotlight for them on beeEFB and EFB channels

  • Opportunity to hold beeEFB talks, workshops, and round tables from their core expertise

  • Networking opportunities beyond EFB based on their personal interests and experiences including one-to-one meetings with relevant present stakeholders 

  • Mentorship opportunities with EFB alumni or board members (this would provide NCs with access to individual career advice, insights, and guidance from experienced professionals)

  • NC’s mandate is linked with the Board’s mandate from the date of NC’s appointment 

  • NCs will sign an agreement with precise tasks and objectives as well as rules and responsibilities

Mode of application:

  • Personal data/fellow program

  • Personal overview of the network including challenges and proposed ideas

  • Previous involvement in the beeEFB activities

To apply,  fill out this Form by June 22nd, 2023, 17h CEST

The Board will invite you for a short interview in the period of 3 days after the application deadline expiration.