The regional TV show “Vicinities” as a joint media project of the European Fund for the Balkans and the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe (CDRSEE) will receive the special mention award in the Media category in the frames of the European Citizenship Awards 2016. Ms. Zvezdana Kovac (Executive Director of CDRSEE and Editor-in-chief of “Vicinities”) will receive the award on behalf of the CDRSEE and the European Fund for the Balkans. Celebrating London’s status as the European Volunteering Capital for 2016, and in recognition of the support of Team London, the Awards ceremony will be held at London City Hall on 12 September, 2016. Besides “Vicinities”’ Mohamed Al-Saud, who was running for the Volunteer of the Year, will also get a special mention award on this occasion. In regard of “Vicinities” the judging members have decided to reward the regional TV project with a special mention, celebrating its commitment and involvement in promoting an active citizenship and a vision of Europe based on solidarity and inclusiveness. In its format and content “Vicinities” stands as a unique effort of reconciliation, better understanding and freedom of expression – addressing all this serious subjects in an open, straightforward and entertaining approach. It is the also a rare example of regional TV-product which is broadcasted in the Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian-speaking countries of Southeast Europe and beyond it and because of that it has received a big exposure and wide audience. The European Citizenship Awards 2016 is a joint initiative between two European networks promoting active citizenship and social justice Volonteurope and European Civic Forum.The Awards celebrate the democratic and civic engagement of individuals, organisations, citizens’ groups, media platforms and social enterprises, recognising innovative initiatives and contributions which give real substance to European values, create ownership of public space and improve the lives of our communities in terms of democracy, social justice and universal access to rights. Selected by an international jury and over 4,500 online voters, the laureates for 2016 are: United Youth Journalists (International) – Best Media Initiative of the Year, Bjorn Formosa (Malta) – (Volunteer of the Year), Agricoltura Capodarco (Italy) – (Social Enterprise of the Year) and Refugee Aid Miksalište (Serbia) – (Campaign of the Year).