Our regional campaign Balkans United for Clean Air aimed to inform Western Balkan citizens on the causes and consequences of air pollution, and the possible solutions which would improve air quality.

Between January and April 2021, we have published info on six important topics related to the air pollution in the #WesternBalkans promoting them via all the disposable channels, social networks and traditional media in the region, thus creating a network of 435 organizations, individuals and experts, reaching 650.00 citizens and getting publicity in more than 500 publications in the media.

As an add-on, we are sharing the collection of briefs authored by renowned scientists, doctors, civil society activists and experts in the respective areas, that have served us as a background knowledge in designing the messages of the campaign, based on facts, figures and in-depth knowledge of the 6 tackled topics:

  • Air Pollution - Causes and Consequences
  • Air Pollution and Mortality rates
  • Air Pollution and Covid19
  • Air Pollution and Infertility
  • Air Pollution, Industry and Large Polluters
  • Air Quality and Monitoring

Download the collection of texts: