The Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans (CSF WB) as an intiative coordinated by the European Fund for the Balkans will be part of this year’s Western Balkans Summit in Poznan on July 3 and 4, with the policy input given by its member organizations and selected representatives. The regional experts will present the CSF Policy Briefs at the Think Tank Forum and at the gathering of civil society, which are an integral part of this high-level meeting. Through a series of meetings and panels, the CSF WB representatives will discuss their recommendations with the decision-makers in order to contribute to addressing the challenges faced by the region. The meetings of experts in the Think Tank Forum format were initiated during the Polish presidency of the Berlin Process. The Forum schedulede for July 3 will tackle the issues such as regional cooperation, social-economic issues, the rule of law and the EU enlargement policy. On this occasion, the authors of the CSF Policy Briefs, Jovana Marovic (Politikon Network), Gersi Gashi (Democracy for Development), Maja Bobic and Vladimir Medjak (European Movement in Serbia) will elaborate their findings on the respective subjects of the briefs. An expertise on the topics will also be provided by the BiEPAG members: Donika Emini (Kosovar Centre for Security Studies), Zoran Nechev, (Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis”) and Srdjan Majstorovic (European Policy Centre – CEP). On July 4, a number of experts, activists, the EU and regional decision makers will gather at the Civil Society Forum to discuss the future and the current situation of the Western Balkans taken in a wider perspective. The executive director of the European Fund for the Balkans, Aleksandra Tomanic, will participate in the event, as well as Ana Marjanovic Rudan (CSF WB Coordinator), and the authors of the CSF Policy Briefs – Milena Stefanovic (European Fund for the Balkans) and Simonida Kacarska (European Policy Institute). The Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans (CSF WB) is a platform that brings together think-tanks and policy-oriented civil society organizations from the Western Balkans region. Its purpose is to contribute to the regionally-relevant political processes by communicating the latest expertise and field findings to decision-makers, and by engaging in public advocacy campaigns. The CSF WB is coordinated by the European Fund for the Balkans. The agenda is available at: