Why do our children score poorly on international standardised tests, and is this the only criterion to assess them by? Who evaluates teachers, and does our education system look like the revenge of lousy students? Why do we lack mechanisms for assessing the quality of education? What exactly is the PISA test? Is it a check mechanism and an instrument for the implementation of education policies, can it detect a weak spot and improve education? How much do we invest in education here in the region? Has the nature of knowledge changed? Should public education be supported or be left to market competition? These are only some of the topics addressed by our guests: Damir Marjanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Jovan Mirković (Montenegro), Vilim Ribić (Slovenia), Dragica Pavlović Babić (Serbia). Writer Voja Žanetić (Serbia) gave the opening keynote, while fellows of the European Fund for the Balkans also took part in the discussion.