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    EFB Presents Toby Vogel’s Report on Media Freedom and Integrity in the Balkans

    A presentation of Toby Vogel’s report on Media Freedom and Integrity in the Balkans was staged by the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) at the Sarajevo Media Center. The report, which focuses on the Balkan countries where media freedoms are most endangered – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia – was presented by Igor Bandović, Senior Programme Manager for the EFB, following a roundtable session with editors of BiH media and media support organizations. Emphasizing that the World Press Freedom Index identified the Western Balkans as the region with the biggest overall decline of media freedom in the world, Igor Bandović said that the key problems are found in the media ownership structure, censorship, self-censorship and various forms of… Read More →

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    TV Editors meet with Albanian RTSH as the new TV station supporting Vicinities

    Representatives of TV broadcasters – partners in the Vicinities project — met in Thessaloniki for a two-day gathering where they welcomed another TV station, the Albanian national broadcaster RTSH, which has recognized the importance of broadcasting this one-of-a-kind regional talk-show that brings together guests from different countries to discuss topics that impact daily life in the Balkans. Representatives from the Vicinities partner TV stations reviewed the recently completed Season 3, assessing it as the most successful so far, and discussed preparations for Season 4. The Thessaloniki meeting was hosted by Vicinities’ Editor and CDRSEE Executive Director, Zvezdana Kovač. Apart from the editors and executives of the TV stations broadcasting Vicinities, Executive Director of the European Fund for the Balkans Hedvig… Read More →

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    Regional Media Cooperation

    In the latest episode of Season 3, “Vicinities” organized a roundtable where journalists from six countries talked about regional media cooperation – is there any at all, and to what extent and level is it present? Why has it been brought down to a personal level and why is there no organized, institutionalized cooperation, despite the evident need for it, particularly in view of the interest of the region’s citizens, because the topics are similar. The fact that the “Vicinities” serial met with equal approval in all of the countries in the region, and won the support of all participants, who consider it an authentic, justified project, is in itself a confirmation of the need for exchange and cooperation. The… Read More →

The Fund

The European Fund for the Balkans is a multi-year joint initiative of European foundations designed to undertake and support initiatives aimed at bringing the Western Balkans closer to the European Union through grant-giving and operational programmes and, as such, is focused on individuals and organisations from Western Balkan countries.
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