10.12.2019 Author: balkanfund

My Incredibile EFB Experience

Being part of this wonderful experience called EFB was once in a lifetime opportunity and the best thing that has happened to me...

19.12.2018 Author: balkanfund

A professional adventure and a remarkable opportunity for bringing a positive impact back home

The EFB fellowship program gave me a remarkable opportunity to connect and interact with colleagues from the region, who are, like myself...

08.02.2019 Author: balkanfund

My working Roman Holiday

My name is Maja Konstantinovic and I was granted a EFB fellowship, which offered me the unique opportunity to spend three months in Rome working in the Ministry of Education...

15.10.2019 Author: balkanfund

Hiding Memory, Hiding Responsibility

Jelena Krstic, Programme Development at Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Serbia EFB Fellow, Summer School in Comparative Conflict