Environmental risks, lack of a strategy for the construction of new thermal and hydro power plants, inadequate waste disposal and illegal dumping sites - these are just a few of the environmental problems shared by all of the countries in the region. How do we preserve existing resources for future generations, to what extent is it the political elite’s responsibility and to what extent is it that of the individual, what does the legal framework for protecting the environment look like and where does the “green mafia” stem from? These and other issues sparked an interesting debate among our guests from the region: Lovro Rumor (Croatia), Branko Lukovac (Montenegro), Rijad Tikveša (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Siniša Mitrović (Serbia). Can we possibly save the planet? That is the question Enver Kazaz (Bosnia and Herzegovina) attempted to answer in his opening keynote. Fellows of the European Fund for the Balkans also participated in the show.