In the latest episode of Season 3, “Vicinities” organized a roundtable where journalists from six countries talked about regional media cooperation - is there any at all, and to what extent and level is it present? Why has it been brought down to a personal level and why is there no organized, institutionalized cooperation, despite the evident need for it, particularly in view of the interest of the region’s citizens, because the topics are similar. The fact that the “Vicinities” serial met with equal approval in all of the countries in the region, and won the support of all participants, who consider it an authentic, justified project, is in itself a confirmation of the need for exchange and cooperation. The participants in the debate on regional media cooperation were directors, editors and journalists: Dževdet Tuzlić (TV BiH – Sarajevo), Vladan Mićunović and Slavoljub Šćekić (TV Vijesti – Podgorica), Žarko Joksimović (TVK2 – Priština), Vanja Vardijan (TV Slovenia – Ljubljana), Đorđe Vlajić (RTS Belgrade), and journalist and editors of weekly magazines: Dragoljub Žarković (Vreme – Belgrade), Vuk Bečanović (BH Dani – Sarajevo), Drago Hedl (Jutarnji list – Zagreb ).