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Regional cooperation

Regional cooperation:

Episode 7: “LGBT”

How the society treats the LGBT community and how does their life looks like, do they have a freedom to choose, to fight prejudices, whether they are

6 New Episodes of "Vicinities" for the Fall TV programme

The new 6 episodes of the second season of the regional TV-Show “Vicinities”, which is presented by the European Fund for the Balkans and the Cen

Episode 6: “About The Sport In Sports Manner”

The subject of the last episode of the spring cycle of “Vicinities” is “About the sport in sports manner”. The sport as a victim of the wrong

Episode 5: “Our history vs. your history”

The history of the educational systems in the region, how is the history discussed and learned in the classrooms, how to get rid of the

Episode 4: “Violence of youth over youth”

Why do we see increased violence in the region and how can we deal with it, the wars and the conflicts in the region and their effects on the young

Episode 3: "Vicinities through caricature”

The theme of the third episode of “Vicinities” is the “Vicinities through caricature”. The caricatures of the famous cartoonists in the region

Episode 2: "The European Union between lament and rhapsody"

What is the European perspective of the countries of the region, whether the EU is a real dilemma or dilemma as an excuse, what are the advantages

Episode 1: "On the other side of identity"

On the other side of the identity is associated with "the other side of the mirror" - what is identity, the individual and collective identity,

The Vicinities – Episode 5 – EFB Community Members To Run The Show

The fifth and last episode of the first cycle of the serial ‘The Vicinities, dedicated to young people in the region, is titled ‘Being Young in th

'The Vicinities' – Episode 4: Great Powers and Us

Fourth TV talk show 'The Vicinities' is dedicated to the relations Great Powers have with the Western Balkans. Watch on: BHTV, Studio B, RT Vranje,

‘The Vicinities’ – Episode 3: The Role of Media in Understanding and Nonunderdstanding Each Others

Third TV talk show ‘The Vicinities’ is about the role of media in understanding and nonunderdstanding each others. Watch on: BHTV, Studio B, RT

‘The Vicinities’ – Episode 2: Economic crisis

Second TV talk show ‘The Vicinities’ is dedicated to the economic crisis. Watch on: BHTV, Studio B, RT Vranje, TV Vijesti – Monday 9, April, 2

‘The Vicinities’ Kicks Off Tonight! Episode 1: Prejudice

TV debates ‘The Vicinities’ starts tonight April 2, 2012 with the theme prejudice. Here is the list of TV stations that broadcast the sho

Press Conference – TV Show ‘The Vicinities’

Press conference – TV Show ‘The Vicinities’ – March 30, 2012, Belgrade, Aero Club, 13h Informative talk shows ‘The Vicinities’ – set of

TV Debates ”The Vicinities”

European Fund for the Balkans in partnership with Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe are happy to announce ‘The V

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