The ninth episode of “Vicinities” is not concerned with the fairness of the Hague Tribunal, but with emphasizing the need to prosecute the war crimes, what was done, what are the results, what is next, which are the obstacles and to what degree have our societies managed to face with what was done. The guests in this 9 episode are: Dragan Markovina (Historian, Croatia), Veseljko Koprivica (Joirnalist, Montenegro), Smail Cekic (Professor at the University of Sarajevo, BiH) and Ivan Jovanovic (Legal Advisor at OSCE, Serbia). The keynote introduction is given by the writer Renato Baretic. The European Fund for the Balkans is represented by the EFB Alumni – Emir Kalac (Montenegro), Adnan Ovcina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dejan Radic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Igor Novakovic (Serbia).