Why do we see increased violence in the region and how can we deal with it, the wars and the conflicts in the region and their effects on the young people, the war as a form of physical and psychological violence against the youth, the cult of authority as a kind of violence against the young people and also as a model of behavior, whether the youngsters in the region have become copies of their parents…These issues are discussed in the fourth episode of “Vicinities” together with the guests from the region: Tanja Vujovic-sociologist, Beljulj Becaj - political analyst, Jasna Barjaktarevic - psychologist and Jan Skoberne. The famous Serbian writer, columnist and author Voja Zanetic reflects upon the subject of "Violence of youth over youth". The European Fund for the Balkans was represented by the EFB Alumni - Adnan Ovcina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Srdjan Hercigonja (Serbia), Dejan Bursac (Serbia) and Evica Kuc (Serbia).