Ethno music as part of the common cultural heritage, whether it is the same thing as folk music, is it well cherished and preserved, how to promote it, why do our guests think that the immersing in this kind of music is as "digging through their own DNA, their own secret formula or existence". You will find out the answers from Vlatko Stefanovski (Skopje), Biljana Krstic (Belgrade), Amira Medunjanin (Sarajevo) and Tamara Obrovac (Pula). The keynote speaker is the writer Renato Baretić (Split). The European Fund for the Balkans was represented by the EFB Alumni – Ana Angelovska (Macedonia) Vanja Dumeljic (Serbia), Jelena Miljanic (Montenegro), Dunja Pejic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , Azra Becirovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina).