The 11th edition of the programme and its Fellowship Generation 2019/2020 was concluded with the Final Seminar that was held in Thessaloniki from November 9 - 13, 2019. After the completion of the Fellowship practice phase in the respective host ministries across EU, the European Fund for the Balkans organized the wrap-up review meeting, aimed at presenting the results of the Fellows' work and their plans for follow-up. The Final Seminar offered a specifically designed combination of learning, networking and team building activities. It included training sessions in communication and presentation skills, hence preparing the fellows for a knowledge transfer in their home institutions. The objective was to provide the Fellows with an in-depth practical skills in two areas: “Facing my intercultural leadership skills” and “From EU insights to Balkan reality check: Change and challenges”. The trainings were carefully designed to further develop the Fellows’ change-management and leadership skills, to enhance their self-confidence and foster the transfer of knowledge gained during the EFB Fellowship. Through their active participation in an interactive settings, the Fellows were involved in practical prepararation how to face the challenges of reintegration in their home institutions and work environments in order to step up with confidence into their change-making roles. The Seminar also offered an innovative teambuilding activities aimed at creating a strong and long-lasting network of friends and professionals in the region which are part of the EFB Community. In conducting the seminar, the European Fund for the Balkans traditionally combined forces with the College of Europe, the world’s first university institute of post-graduate studies and training in European affairs