10.04.2018 All News
The European Fund for the Balkans’ 10th Anniversary is a two-day event that will bring together an international audience from politics, the media, civil society, academia, arts and culture, business and philanthropy to discuss the future of Europe and the European future of the Balkans. The event’s highlights will include the launching of the Declaration of a European Balkans Partnership – a vision for the future of the Balkans, outlined by Europe’s and our region’s most prominent thinkers and influencers. Topics such as the future of democracy, the future of leadership, the future of communications, the future of social change, the future of the economy, the Balkans in Europe and other issues reflecting the challenges we are facing in the Balkans and Europe, will be addressed in different ways and with a variety of formats such as panel discussions, cluster discussions/workshops, and dynamic “talks” and “hyper talks”. For more information, please visit the EFB X event page