12.09.2016 All News
The second Joint Strategic Foresight, as a continuation of the new program Regional Policy Academy (RPA) which is co-organised by the European Fund for the Balkans and the Belgrade Centre for Political Excellence, will be held in Belgrade from September 13-15, 2016. After the introductory workshop in May in Montenegro, the same group of 21 selected alumni of the EFB and BFPE programs will take part in this three-day workshop and lectures. The first day is reserved for the Workshop on Peace, Reconciliation and Culture of Memory, having sessions like “Roads and Obstacles to the Reconciliation Process”, “German Foreign Policy After World War II and Imperative of Reconciliation”, “Documentation of Human Losses – building of the new culture of memory”, and “Culture of Memory”. The next two days will be focused on the workshop with Regina Joseph (Lecturer at New York University and Founder of Sybiylink) focused on Scenario Development. The workshop is a follow-up of the previous superforecasting introductory workshop and a step forward in the wider training effort to improve predictive accuracy in geopolitical matters. “The Basics of Scenario Development” and “Risk Assessment and Scenarios” session are on the agenda for this workshop. The idea behind RPA is to – by applying the method of strategic foresight to complex social issues – contribute to strengthening of connections between leaders of opinion and change in this region and identify and recommend concrete steps towards building societies that are more open, more inclusive, more democratic, less prone to conflict(s) and as such readier for membership and a common European perspective. By engaging the political and civil society leaders from the Western Balkans region into a policy dialogue on the basis of the strategic foresight method, a different kind of decision makers who are committed to regional cooperation will be promoted, which will contribute to reconciliation within the WB region. The workshop is also supported by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA