24.10.2016 All News
The European Fund for the Balkans is continuing with its activities aimed at supporting the capacity and skills development of its Community Members. The “Training for Trainers”(ToT) seminar that was established last year with the“EU Accession Negotiations Training” is now entering its second edition focused on the further improving of the strengths and skills as trainers of the participants. This year’s training for 12 representatives of the EFB Community is focused on “Developing a one day training curriculum” and it will be once again implemented in cooperation with the Clingendael – Netherlands Institute for International Relations. It will offer a possibility for the EFB Community Members to gain a general knowledge and the techniques necessary to provide a whole day training, by reflecting on effective and ineffective trainer strategies. The participants will have to develop their own training about communication, choosing a particular topic (e.g. intercultural communication, effective communication, dealing with difficulties in communication, etc.) within this realm. The idea is that after this training, the participants will be able to work independently with the program and the exercises they have developed. The ToT participants will also develop the curriculum for the one day training, by defining the learning objectives, suitable exercises and links to an important theoretical frameworks. The participants will choose their own sessions for the one day course, ranging from simulations, interactive lectures, discussions and debates, and other forms, planning their own future independent trainings.