02.06.2017 All News
The last in the series of three public discussions “The Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina” took place in Zagreb on May 24, co-organized by the European Fund for the Balkans and “Vreme” weekly. Senada Šelo-Šabić, research associate at the Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb; Muharem Bazdulj, writer and journalist; Zlatko Dizdarević, journalist and diplomat and Ivica Đikić, journalist were the key speakers at the discussion moderated by Dejan Anastasijević, “Vreme” weekly journalist. The topics of the debate were geopolitical interests and foreign influence in Bosnia and Hezegovina, dysfunctional institutions, perspectives of constitutional changes and the Dayton Peace Agreement redefinition, high level of ethnic and political divisions and state of democracy. This was the final event in the series of three discussions on state of affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prominent regional intellectuals raised many important, but unpopular issues in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb. These debates were an impulse of the civil society, media and academic community, aiming to stimulate public support for the necessary changes in this country.