29.03.2017 All News
The European Fund for the Balkans in cooperation with the weekly “Vreme” are organizing the public discussion focused on “The Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina”. It will be held tomorrow in Mikser House, starting from 15.00 h (30.03.2017). This is the first from the serie of three public discussions scheduled for April 12 in Zagreb and May 10 in Sarajevo. As the title of the discussion, the Bosnia and Herzegovina seems like it is “frozen” in 1995, when the bloodshed war was brought to an end with the Dayton Agreement. The ethnic borders are still persistent, the social and economic situation is alarming despite the generous donations from the West, and the unwieldy state and constitutional construction is paralysing the functioning of the state. Twenty-two years after the cease of fire, there are still open questions about the sustainability of the Dayton agreement solutions, the need for their revision and the possible directions for making those changes? The overall impression is that beside all this, many new issues arise on everyday basis, heating up the political flames and the general societal atmosphere. Is there a future for Bosnia and Herzegovina? What needs to be done to have a functioning state? How one nationally divided state can be transformed into a citizens’ society? What measures should be undertaken, so that Bosnia and Herzegovina gets closer to the EU Standards? All these and many other important questions will be discussed with the invited speakers:
  • Dejan Jovic, Political scientist and Analyst, Member of BiEPAG
  • Nenad Kecmanovic, Professor of Political Science
  • Srdjan Puhalo, Political Analyst and Social Psychologist
  • Nebojsa Vladisavljevic, Political Scientist
Moderator: Dejan Anastasijevic, Journalist, “Vreme” Weekly Serbian version of the agenda is available at the following link:Poziv