Skopje: 11 December 2009 The first EFB Fellowship Alumni Meeting was held in Skopje on Friday 11 December 2009. This event brought together Fellows from Macedonia from the previous year, as well as Fellows from Macedonia selected to take part in the Fellowship Programme this year. It was a wonderful occasion to meet and share experiences with the alumni members who are working as civil servants in various government institutions in Skopje. Fellows from the first edition of the Programme shared their experiences of spending three month period in host country, working in host institution, shared their personal impressions and gave advices and suggestions to the Fellows from the second edition of the Programme. Alumni members agreed how to exchange information and experiences and work together to advance not only the EFB Fellowship Programme in which they participated, but also their personal professional promotion and prosperity. The event was also attended by Mr. Marion Gionnini, EFB Steering Committee Chair, Ms. Hedvig Morvai Horvat, EFB Executive Director and Ms. Branka Panic, EFB Alumni Coordinator. This was just the first of many alumni activities to come which will create the bonds of a strong EFB Alumni Network.