The second generation of Fellows, part of the Fellowship Programme for Young Government Officials re-united for a third and final gathering at Radika, Mavrovo, marking the end of the 2009/10 Fellowship Programme. Each Fellow finished his/her 3 month traineeship in host Institutions throughout a variety of EU countries and came together in Mavrovo for a final exchange of experiences, trainings as well as evaluation of the overall Programme. The trainings were organised in cooperation with the Potsdam Center for Politics and Management, represented by Kerstin Altherr and Bernd – Friedrich Voigt. The topics covered were leadership in context of the traineeship as well as at the regular work place, communication and negotiation skills. In addition, Fellows participated in a full day common training with colleague alumni, called ‘World of Employment’ – designed to test abilities in conflict management, and once again, communication and negotiation of all participants. The Final seminar was concluded with an overall final Evaluation of the programme cycle as well as a Certificate Award Ceremony, recognizing the success of each individual Fellow participant. The new Call for Applications for the Fellowship Programme will be launched July 20, 2010.