January 27-30, 2022 - This year's Annual Event in Tirana was an opportunity for creating new links, but also a reminder of the willingness and potential of the people from the #beeEFB Alumni Network from across the Western Balkans and EU. The gathering was also a look back to 2021 in terms of achievements and challenges, but also unveiled the beeEFB Alumni Network Development Strategy 2021-2024.

2021 was adapting to the “new normal” and a year where the community was given a challenge – To make it or break it when it comes to upgrading the community to a Network. With lots of dedication, active involvement, and careful planning, EFB and the selected Board and Assembly Members managed to invigorate the community spirit. 

Seen in retrospective, the beginning of the year saw the establishing the EFB Alumni Network and its governing bodies – the Board and the Assembly. The in-person strategy development event in Becici in June 2021, set the bases for the strategy and the action plan for 2021. What came next was the busy bees rhythm of the beeEFB Alumni Network.

7 National Gatherings, 4 joint initiatives, setting the advanced group at the Bosch Alumni Network platform, finalization of the Alumni Network Strategy, selection of new Board Members and planning the Annual Event as the key milestones on this speedy journey which proved that there is lots of energy, expertise, and great ideas to be shared.

The Annual Event in Tirana was an an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the successes of 2021 as well as to co-design the 2022 programme and continue to nurture the connectivity and collaboration sparks among the EFB community of great people with different backgrounds and careers interested to foster cross-sectoral and cross-regional exchange of know-how.

All the "bees" participated actively in the co:design sessions regarding

  • Flagship Exchange
  • Mini Hives
  • Community Engagement

The valuable contributions and ideas that were brainstormed during the annual event were key to shaping the beeEFB Alumni Network Action Plan for 2022.