The Western Balkans: The Impact of Migration

The Western Balkans: The Impact of Migration Facts about the region’s flow of people and remittances

Friday, 26 June 2009, 12.00 – 14.00 – Much has been said about migration from the Western Balkans and its consequences for both the region itself and for Europe.

Some observers fear massive Balkan immigration in the case of visa liberalisation or the region’s integration within the EU; others stress the importance of remittances for the Western Balkan’s economic health.

Debates about complex factors such as these demand sound and reliable information. Hence the importance of the Gallup Balkan Monitor (GBM) – the region’s most wide-ranging public opinion survey, conducted by Gallup in partnership with the European Fund for the Balkans.
The event will answer key questions such as:


Serbia on the Path towards the EU-Accession

Path towards the EU-Accession European Fund for the Balkans is co-organiser of the conference “Serbia on the Patht owards the EU-Accession” which will be held on 22nd and 23rd of June in Belgrade.

Co-organisers of the conference are also the European Movement in Serbia and Media Group “Politika”.

In preparing this Conference, the Austro-French Centre in Vienna and its French partner IFRI (French Institute for International Relations) in Paris, work in close cooperation with the French and Austrian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the National Assembly of Serbia, the Council and the Commission of the EU, as well as several international organizations operating in the Western Balkan.