Fellowship Programme for Policy Researchers from the Western Balkans Region

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European Fund for the Balkans in cooperation with the Open Society Institute Think Tank Fund


1. Background:

Fellowship Programme for Policy Researchers from the Western Balkans Region aims to contribute to further capacity building and professional development of policy researchers from the region of Western Balkans allowing them to build networks across Europe through paid visits to other policy research institutions and think-tanks in the EU and other countries of the Western Balkans (WB). This programme is developed by widening the existing support to networking with an opportunity for creating links to EU and WB based think-tanks and policy organisations.

The programme is a joint undertaking of the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) and the Think Tank Fund (TTF) of the Open Society Institute based in Budapest. The administration of the programme is carried out by the European Fund for the Balkans.


LDP V Fellows visited the Austrian Foreign Ministry and ERSTE Foundation

The second part of the LDP Summer Academy started in Austria with the visit to the Austrian Foreign Ministry. 30 LDP Fellows were welcomed by Minister for European and International Affairs, Mr. Michael Spindelegger. A keynote speaker was political director in the ministry, Ambassador Stefan Lene, who presented his view of the overall situation in the…


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the basic technical requirement? Candidates must be civil servants from the Western Balkans, working at central level government institutions, with the exception of Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia, where applications from civil servants from entity and cantonal level government in BiH and regional level government of Vojvodina in Serbia are also accepted. Applications…


LDP V Fellows visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic

The fifth edition of the SEE and the EU – Leadership Development Programme started on 1 September 2010. 30 young participants gathered in Bratislava to meet their peers and “experience Europe”. The two-week programme in Austria and Slovakia will offer participants a unique opportunity to combine the study of the EU and Southeast Europe with…


EFB Alumni Fellows participated in the European Forum Alpbach, 29-31 August 2010

3 members of the EFB Alumni Network participated in the prestigious European Forum Alpbach “Construction and Reality”. They had a chance to be part of the Alpbach Political Symposium 2010 and analyse the relationship between political constructions and plans on the one hand and the resulting realities on the other. Under the motto “Construction and…