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News from the EFB Community :

beeEFB Digest December

Check the latest news from the beeEFB Alumni Network Newsletter featuring news on the latest developments in the Network when it comes to

beeEFB Digest October

Check the latest beeEFB Alumni Network Newsletter, featuring news on the latest developments in the Network when it comes to the beeEffect Programme,

beeEFB Digest August 2022

Check the latest beeEFB Alumni Network Newsletter, featuring news on the latest developments in the Network when it comes to the beeEffect Programme, the joint initiatives, alumni representatives, as well as the custom made sections Blast from the Past, Hive Five and News from the EFB. 

13 selected candidates for the first cohort of the new beeEffect regional programme

After receiving 56 eligible applications and conducting 28 interviews, we are pleased to share the news the first cohort of participants for the alumni designed and implemented beeEffect Programme has been selected.

beeEFB Digest July 2022

Check the latest beeEFB Alumni Network Newsletter

beeEFB Digest March 2022

In the March monthly DIGEST, we are bringing forward numerous opportunities for the members of our beeEFB Alumni Network. All these initiatives will

beeEFB Digest February

The new  beeEFB DIGEST was published on February 23rd, 2022, and it contains 5 important documents for the development of the beeEFB Alumni

beeEFB Alumni Network Annual Event in Tirana, Albania

January 27-30, 2022 - This year's Annual Event in Tirana was an opportunity for creating new links, but also a reminder of the willingness and

BeeEFB Digest January - 2022

Dear Community Members, Since this is the first beeEFB Digest in 2022, we would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022! We truly believe that this

BeeEFB Digest November - 2021

Dear Community Members, Welcome to the beeEFB monthly digest! We are happy to report that alumni bees were hard at working during

Take a look at the beeEFB October Digest

The EFB Alumnni Network is up and running, so the newsletters will become a common practice. In this October issue the focus is on 2 topics

beeEFB joint initiatives - Call for proposals 2021

The European Fund for the Balkans is a joint initiative of European foundations (Erste Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation and King Baudouin Foundation) that envisions, runs and supports programmes aimed at strengthening democracy, fostering European integration and affirming the role of the Western Balkans in addressing Europe’s emerging challenges.


EFB Alumni Network (beeEFB), was branded and established under the new framework in the first half of 2021, is represented by its Assembly and Board members, and agreed on key strategic goals and outcomes it wants to contribute to through its activities.

BeeEFB DIGEST August 2021

Dear Community Members, Since we are slowly approaching the finalization of our core documents of the EFB Alumni Network, which has been a very

Meet the Members of the EFB Alumni Network Assembly

The selection of the members of the governing bodies of the EFB Alumni Network has been completed. We are presenting the selected EFB Alumni

Presenting the selected members of the Board of the EFB Alumni Network

During the last month the representatives of the EFB and the Alumni Network Initiators held a series of motivating conversations with the EFB community members who applied and met the criteria for Board members.

EFB Community is officially becoming a EFB Alumni Network in 2021

In 2021, EFB Community will formalize its work by establishing the EFB Alumni Network. The Network will bring together members of the EFB programs and initiatives with an aim to connect the network members with common interests but different backgrounds and to foster cross-sectoral exchange and international collaborations.

Online Conference - Reloading the EFB Community 25/09/2020

The EFB Community from the Western Balkans and EU will gather for the online conference "Reloading the EFB Community" that is scheduled for September

Hiding Memory, Hiding Responsibility

Jelena Krstic, Programme Development at Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Serbia EFB Fellow, Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies,

My working Roman Holiday

Author: Maja Konstantinovic – EFB Fellow, Fellowship Programme for Government Officials from the Western Balkans 2017/2018 Independent Adviser,

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