Fellowship Programme for Government Officials from the Western Balkans
Timeframe: 2008 – 2019 | 11 generations, 210 Fellows

The Fellowship Programme for Government Officials from the Western Balkans was a one year practice-oriented educational programme for civil servants, implemented as a cooperation between the EFB, the College of Europe and University of Potsdam. The programme was inspired by a longstanding tradition, experience and excellence with similar fellowship programmes by one of EFB’s founding organisations, the Robert Bosch Stiftung (Bellevue - Programme, Fellowship Programme for Public Servants from CEE).

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Think and Link Regional Policy Programme
Timeframe: 2008 – 2019 | 11 cycles, 80 Think Tanks

The European Fund for the Balkans launched its capacity building Think and Link - Regional Policy Programme in 2008 by offering support to the think tanks and encouraging the various debates on the challenges, costs and opportunities of supporting the process of building genuine EU member-states in the Western Balkans.

It fostered inclusive and evidence-based policy making in the Western Balkans by initiating and supporting individual and collaborative research projects on a selected annual programme topic.

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Southeast Europe Leadership Development Programme
Timeframe: 2006 – 2013 | 7 generations, 203 Participants

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) was launched in 2006/2007 by the College of Europe and the TRANSFUSE Association. In 2008, the European Fund for the Balkans began financing the programme and since 2009 it has been organising it jointly with the College of Europe and the TRANSFUSE Association. The Fund has supported this programme with the aim of promoting European values for future generations – it was envisioned as a catalyst for emerging change-makers and young leaders in Balkan societies and the EU.

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Fellowship Program for Policy Researchers from the Western Balkans Region
Timeframe: 2010 - 2012 | 4 generations, 20 Fellows

In 2010, the European Fund for the Balkans, in cooperation with the Think Tank Fund of the Open Society Institute (Budapest), launched the Fellowship Programme for Policy Researchers from the Western Balkans with the aim to contribute to further capacity building and professional development of policy researchers from the Western Balkans region. This initiative was launched in order to provide opportunities for exchange of know-how and creation of networks across Europe through fellows’ paid visits and work with policy research institutions and think-tanks in the EU and in other Western Balkan countries.

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The first ever SEE current affairs regional TV talk-show.

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TV format Forum Europa in cooperation with the European Parliament.

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7 cities, 3 surveys, 100 questions, 21 discussions

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Production of stories on relevant European topics

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Fellowship Program CAS SEE Rijeka.

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Global security debate

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The European Fund for the Balkans has joined ASB Serbia and Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung for Southeast Europe in support of the ongoing “Social Dimension Initiative” (SDI) campaign, which was launched by ASB in August 2018, aiming to stress the necessity of better social and employment policies in the enlargement process of the Western Balkan countries beyond the framework of the EU social acquis.

At the regional conference “Leaving No One Behind in the Process of Western Balkans’ European Integration” that took place within the Social Dimension Initiative (SDI)   on November 6th  2018 in Belgrade, all six WB ministers in charge of social policy signed the declaration on joint advocacy for improvement of the social policies in the Western Balkans, expressing their support and readiness to strengthen social and employment policies in both conception and implementation, in cooperation with all other stakeholders, while also tackling issues of regional cooperation. 

They agreed to act jointly to ensure that the quality of everyday life of the citizens in the Western Balkans progressively comes closer to the levels of the European Union, that the growth in the region is distributed evenly and that no one is left behind.

With regard to political and economic reforms, there has been an improvement in terms of political commitment to the EU accession process for the Western Balkan region. For a decade, Western Balkan countries benefited from substantial EU assistance. Still, the region is facing social risks associated with poverty, income inequality, unemployment and other forms of social exclusion.

The goal of the cooperation coalition consisting of the Fund, FES and ASB is to increase the visibility, spell out and reinforce the messages of the SDI, exchange information and coordinate planning and activities in order to increase the impact of this important regional initiative.

More info at: asb-see.org