Name of organization: Balkan Beyond Borders

Name of project: Balkan Beyond Borders Film Festival 2014

Project summary: Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival is a festival that travels each year to a different city in the Balkans and is dedicated to encouraging young film makers to express themselves on issues relevant to their region and lives, building bridges between the peoples of the Balkans. Sarajevo was the latest stop of the BBB Short Film Festival after Belgrade, Athens, Tirana and Bucharest. The audience that attended the Sarajevo festival had the chance to watch films of great quality and participate in an interactive event inspired by the theme of this year’s festival: DARE TO REPEAT. Attendees also, had the opportunity to discuss with film makers and special guests, making watching short films an interactive, live experience.

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Name of organization:  Association Bourgogne Balkans Express

Name of project: Conference: Young leaders rising up to the challenges of the Western Balkans and the EU

Project summary: The primary objective of the conference is to teach the students how they can make their voices heard in a globalized world. Furthermore, the seminar aims to establish a genuine exchange of ideas, information and political visions among youth about the current state of the Western Balkans in order to discover possible solutions to the current challenges. Parallel to this reflection on the relations between the Western Balkans and the EU, Bourgogne Balkans Express aims at raising the awareness of Sciences Po students and the Dijon-representatives regarding the complexity of the issue, giving a pedagogical approach to the project. The academic context of Sciences Po offers an environment more suited to this kind of event: the aim of our discussion will be to compare different points of view and will use interactive discussions between young leaders in order to arrive at concrete solutions on specific topics. Moreover, the experts involved in the conference will contribute to the academic value of the event. The contributions and reflections of the young leaders made during the roundtable will be published for the benefit of researchers, students, national and international experts who are attentive to the progress of the Western Balkans region and European issues.

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Name of organization: Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (CFCCS)

Name of project: 2014 Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies

Project summary: The Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies provides a learning opportunity for students interested in study and analysis of societies in and post-conflict. Interdisciplinary in its nature, drawing from the fields of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, History, philosophy, sociology and International Relations, the Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies provides students with an interactive learning experience utilizing frontal lectures and class discussions focusing on comparative conflict analysis of different case studies. This was the 5th time that the CFCCS organized and delivered a summer school in comparative conflict studies. The aim was to strengthen the academic potential in the Balkans in the field of Peace and Conflict studies, Comparative Politics, Transitional Justice, Migration studies etc. The courses have been designed to offer critical perspectives on these academic fields of studies, as well as open the possibilities for the bridge needed between academics and practitioners, academia and practice. The European Fund for the Balkans gave 10 full scholarships for the best applicants from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

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Name of organization: RECAS / Regional Center for Advanced Studies in Humanities

Name of project: Regional Center for Advanced Studies South Eastern Europe (RECAS SEE) – Fellowship Program

Project summary: RECAS is a think tank based in Rijeka, committed to broaching new and often contested topics of social relevance, focusing on contemporary issues. The aim of the center is to conceptualize these issues and offer their theoretical and artistic foundation, all the while elucidating their practical, real life effects. Active and responsive in research, education and international cooperation across disciplines, RECAS cooperates with an extensive network of European and International experts in social sciences and artistic fields. In addition to organizing think labs and workshops, its collaborators conduct interviews, assemble focus groups and design specific studies resulting in qualitative research and analytical synthesis of data. The cornerstone of RECAS’s work is the concept of fellowships. The initial phase of 2014-2015 will encompass 18 Junior Fellows financed by prominent European foundations and local governments in the Balkans, and the European Fund for the Balkans secured two fellowships.

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