Name of organization: Balkan Beyond Borders

Name of project: Balkan Beyond Borders Film Festival 2013

Project summary: The actual festival “Balkan Beyond Borders Film Festival 2013” will take place in Bucharest on 11-13 October at Muzeul Taranului Roman (, an alternative art space located in the centre of Bucharest and which has become a true meeting point for young people (and not only) interested in culture. The museum offers the possibility to project films both in its newly renovated cinema and outside, in its courtyard. The additional activities will include round table discussions, photo exhibitions, concerts and after-screening parties. Round table discussions (2 during the three days) will bring together young film-makers from Romania and other countries from the region to discuss topics such as: crowdsourcing for film festivals, the impact of documentaries on perceptions of historical events, the influence of history on everyday life in the Balkans. A photo exhibition will be organised with the best stills from preselected and projected films.

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Name of organization: Club Alpbach Belgrade

Name of project: Alpbach Summer School on European Integration in Belgrade 2013 (ASSEI-B13)

Project summary: ASSEI-B is built on two pillar-ideas: To enhance the knowledge about history, law, socio-economic integration, policy areas and political systems of the European Union among students, graduates, postgraduates and young professionals coming from various fields such as law, economics, political sciences, technical sciences, linguistics etc. The25 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Kosovo and Serbia are enabled to understand the essential elements of the EU integration process from global, European and regional perspectives.  With this course the participants receive a solid basis for future specialization courses in the EU integration field and use of the acquired knowledge in their workplaces while performing their professional activities. They are also enabled to disseminate the acquired knowledge in their professional and other environments and be empowered to initiate or take part in public debates on the national and local policies regarding EU integrations.

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Name of organization: Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence

Name of project: Belgrade Security Forum 2013

Project summary: The 3rd Belgrade Security Forum (19-21 September 2013) is realized under the title “Is the State under (De)construction? Risks and Responses from the Balkans and Beyond” and it follows the results of the two previous Belgrade Security Forums (2011 and 2012) directed to changing the security paradigm about the role of the region in contemporary European and global security debates and decision-making processes. long-term goal of the project is achieving successfully reformed and accountable security sector institutions in Serbia that engage in policy dialogue with all relevant actors in order to actively contribute to European and Euro-Atlantic integration and regional cooperation. The main objective of the project is to build a genuine security community of peoples and states of the Balkans region, through a region-wide debate carried out by political leaders and members of the international community, civil society and research community

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Name of organization: Beta Press ltd

Name of project:

Project summary: The project envisages media production at the specialized portal dedicated to Serbia’s association with the EU, Serbia’s preparation for negotiations on EU membership and consequences the talks wil have upon the entire Western Balkans region. The project will last four months, during which the portal’s experienced journalists will prepare detailed reports on all key aspects of the talks. gathers experienced and expert journalists, recipients of several awards for professional reporting on European topics and the European integration process. Thanks to years of experience and well-established connections, they are relying on expert opinions and analyses of representatives of the expert public, institutions, and organizations. In its work, EurActiv also relies on positions and activities of the civil sector, as well as on scientific analyses and lectures delivered at various universities and by successful businesspeople.

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