Organisation: Belgrade Fund for Political ExcellenceEuropean Movement in SerbiaBelgrade Centre for Security Policy

Name of the project: Belgrade Security Forum

Project summary: The main objective of the project is to build a genuine security community of peoples and states of the Balkans region, through a region-wide debate carried out by political leaders and members of the international community, civil society and research community. The specific objectives of the Belgrade Security Forum (14-16, September 2011) aim at: bringing the European and global security debate to the Balkans; discussing Balkan security issues within the European and global security framework; and presenting Balkan achievements and dilemmas to the participants in the European and global security debate. The organizers of the Belgrade Security Forum – three well-known civil society organizations – will do their best to turn this event into an high-level regional hub for policy dialogue that will contribute in a meaningful way not only to the development of the security community in the region, but also to the ongoing European and global security and foreign policy debates.

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